Use these methods to record WhatsApp calls

Use these methods to record WhatsApp calls

Use these methods to record WhatsApp calls

Facebook’s instant messaging app is the most widely used platform for today. In the beginning, we used to be chatting via WhatsApp, and for the convenience of the users, WhatsApp added the calling and video calling facility in their platform. Although you know that you can record your WhatsApp calls when needed.

Let’s say, however, there is no easy way to record calls to WhatsApp, but following some steps, users can record WhatsApp calls on their Android and iPhone. Tell us, there are two options to record WhatsApp calls in Android and iPhone. But both of these options work only on select devices.

WhatsApp call record on Android

To record a WhatsApp call on Android you first need to download the Cube Call Recorder app. After that open the app and go to WhatsApp. Then call the person you want to record the call. If you see the Cube Call widget during calling, it means it’s working in your phone.

If the error is displayed, open the A Cube Call Recorder and click on the Force VoIP option in the Voice Call in the app’s settings. After that call again if you see the error even after the WhatsApp, then you can not record the call.

WhatsApp call record on Android second option

Another option of verifying WhatsApp call on Android is to root your device. However, for this option, the security of the phone can be threatened, which can prove to be harmful for you. Even if you want to route the phone then you can. After routing, the SCR Screen Recorder app available on XDA can be used.

WhatsApp call records on Mac

First connect the Lightning Cable to your iPhone with a Mac. Click ‘Trust this computer’ after it If you’re connecting the phone for the first time, open QuickTime on your Mac and go to the file section and select the new audio recording option. After that click on the arrow given in the QuickTime with the record button and select the iPhone option and click on the record button. After doing all this, join the WhatsApp app and add the user icon when connecting. Select the number of the person who recorded the call.

After this your call will start recording. After the call is finished, save the file by closing the recording. Let’s say Whatsapp uses voice over internet protocol. Links from the App Store Play Store page include the names of the selected device that supports the VoIP recording feature in Google Spreadsheets. Let us know, it is illegal to record a call without permission. You can do these stages after your friend’s consent. Care should be taken before recording the call so that there is no harm to the security of the front.


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