The Avengers: Endgame trailer indicates that Captain America will save the day


The Avengers: Endgame trailer indicates that  Captain America will save the day

Avengers 4 aka Avengers: Endgame’s trailer has dropped and it’s an exciting one too, in case you care about the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) this is. The Avengers 4 trailer starts off evolved with a shot of Iron Man’s broken helmet and Tony Stark starts off evolved recording a message on the helmet for Miss Potts. He asks her not to feel terrible about the recording as he talks about the stop of a adventure — the stop of the road for Iron Man.

He’s adrift in space with out a promise of rescue and says food and water ran out four days in the past, with him marooned in a area craft and oxygen is due to run out the following morning. That component ends with Stark announcing, “When I float off, I will dream approximately you.” Avengers: Endgame is the sequel to Avengers: Infinity War, wherein Thanos destroys half of of all the lifestyles inside the universe.

The Avengers: Endgame trailer actions on to reveal Captain America in tears as Black Widow reiterates what Thanos did in Avengers: Infinity War. Black Widow says the Avengers have a plan to tackle Thanos and that it’ll be successful. At the cease of the trailer, we see Ant-Man making an appearance in his ordinary guy persona — Scott Lang. Captain America and Black Widow can’t believe that he survived, and it is revealed that Avengers: Endgame aka Avengers 4 will launch in April 2019.

Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, War Machine, and Hulk survived Avengers: Infinity War, and the Avengers four trailer indicates Hawkeye for a quick second, so apparently he survived too.

There’s plenty to look forward to with Avengers: Endgame, so simply sit returned and loosen up and Disney and Marvel keep dropping new trailers and greater statistics approximately this film.


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